Wanted: A Fast Metabolism.

Jay and I have been doing the Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD) as part of our (and everyone’s?) new years resolution to clean up our diet and lose a few pounds.  I did FMD last year and lost all the baby weight within about 2 months.  It’s not an easy diet, but it definitely works.  I loved how I felt once I made the switch to 100% clean eating.  It was incredible.  I’ve always tried to eat healthy, but had never before placed such an emphasis on organic and all-natural.  Of course, I cheated a few times, and while it felt worth it in the moment, my body felt so full of toxins for several days after.  In the end, not worth it.  If you haven’t tried to switch to an organic and all-natural diet, I urge you to give it a shot.  You’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt!  Oh – and my skin looked amazing, total added bonus!  Thank you for the glowing skin, Fast Metabolism Diet!  Even if I hadn’t lost any weight (I lost 20 pounds), the perfect skin would have been worth it alone.

Anyway, like I said, The Fast Metabolism Diet is not an easy diet.  One of the things I found most difficult – especially with (at the time) a new baby – was all the shopping.  Everything you eat is fresh and organic, so you basically have to shop every other day or so.  I actually love grocery shopping, but it’s a whole new experience with a baby!  I used to take my time, visit multiple stores for different things, bop along the aisles with my Starbucks…  Not anymore!  Hudson is now 16 months and he is a little ticking time bomb in a shopping cart.  On a good day, I have about 30 minutes to complete my shopping (and one store only!) before he starts fussing and eventually tossing items out of the cart and being a general menace to society.

So anyway, I grocery shop a lot on this diet for all the fresh ingredients.  The Fast Metabolism diet requires that you eat 2 cups of vegetables with every meal – even breakfast.  There are specific vegetables you can eat on specific days.  But to make life easy, I’ve figured out that you can eat kale, spinach and cucumbers every day.  I concocted a very delicious green juice to make getting 6 cups of veggies a day a whole lot easier.  I use a Vitamix (LOVE, a must-have in my opinion) and 3 times per day I whip up the green stuff.  Hudson – who basically won’t touch vegetables – chases me around until I give him his own little sippy cup of the stuff.  Now, that’s a miracle.  A toddler chugging green juice?  I’ll take it.  I’ll post the recipe this afternoon since Hudson decided that now’s the ideal time to climb out of his high chair.  Oh joy.

Tootles, HB

PS – I’ll keep y’all posted on this FMD thing.  We started on Monday and so far I’ve lost 4 ounces.  Not all that jazzed about the slow pace.  So, Hud and I are off to the gym to make it rain on the treadmill.